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Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi

The famous 'Thondai kingdom' (which lies to the north of Tamil Nadu), which had been ruled by the Thondaimans had many scholars to its credit. To the south west of Kanchi (Kanchi is considered the Holiest of the seven holy places of pilgrimage for attaining salvation) lies a holy place called 'Sumangali' where Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi was born on an auspicious day. It is apt to say that Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi was born as a holy son of the holy place Sumangali. Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi was born in the Tamil year called Keelaga on an auspicious day in the Tamil month of Thai on the third day of pongal (farmer's day- equivalent to the Thanks Giving Day in U.S. and Canada ) when people happily worship the Sun God who is responsible for the good harvest.

According to the English calendar, he was born on Thursday. According to the Indian standard time, he was born at 10:30 a.m. under the influence of the star Moolam that falls under the Moon sign of Sagittarius (Dhanusu raasi) in the pisces ascendant (Meenam Lagna). According to the Astrological sources the moment of his birth predicted all good fortunes (Raja yoga). According to the English calendar he was born on sixteenth day of January 1969, at 10:30 a.m. According to geographical location he was born in a place situated at 79°-50'' eastern longitude and 12°-50''-north latitude. Thus, Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi was born as an incarnation of the Siththas (a class of celestials possessing eight mystic powers) on the earth. Parents of Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi was born to a couple named Ramakrishna gavundar and Kuppammal respectively. The Maharishi hails from the warrior race of 'Sage Sambuga' namely Vanniyar race. He was born to the parents as the first blossom, and also as an incarnation. The vanniya race is the gothra of 'Sage Sambuga'. The original name of the Maharishi was Bhaaskharan. According to the Hindu tradition the first-born child's birth should take place in the maternal grandmother's place. So, in accordance with the Hindu tradition Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi was born in his maternal grand mother's native place namely 'Sothiyambakkam'.

Since the Maharishi was born on an auspicious day namely 'pongal' day when people take delight in worshipping the Sun God (who is responsible for a good harvest), the beat of the drums which is considered as a sacred sound could be heard and it appeared that nature blessed the new born child as if to say, "Long live o child", Long live o child"!


His parents, with loving care and tender affection, brought up Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi. The family, which was depended on agriculture for its livelihood, began to prosper day after day. His father Ramakrishna gavundar got employed as a teacher in a Government school shortly after his birth. According to the moral instructions of his paternal grandfather, he was sent to a primary school at 'Sumangali' at the age of 3, to get his kindergarten education. At the age of 5, he was sent to the Government Middle School at Sumangali where he was admitted in the First Standard. He studied up to the Fifth Standard in the same school. He possessed a profound knowledge of different subjects from a very early age. Undoubtedly he was the best student at school and the teachers praised him for his intelligence and knowledge.

Paternal Grand Father of Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi

Due to adverse circumstances prevailing in the family, the family moved to Brahmmadesam, a small village in the year 1978. He joined the Fifth Standard in the Brahmmadesam Primary School and pursued his studies of the Sixth Standard and a part of his academic course in the Seventh Standard in the Government High School at Brahmmadesam. As a result of the tender and moral instructions given by his pious grandfather, he started growing up as a holy child with great devotion to God. Due to some unfavorable conditions, the family moved to the Maharishi's maternal grandmother's place at 'Sothiyambakkam' in 1980. Due to the great care, affection and attention the Maharishi received at his maternal grandmother's native village, he grew up in a peaceful and happy environment. He did his Seventh Standard at the Mamandur (Dusi-Mamandur) Government Higher Secondary School. His intellect grew by leaps and bounds day-by-day. He passed the Talent Test conducted for the best students of the Eighth Standard at the District level (Cheyyar Educational District) with outstanding marks. Due to his excellent performance in Talent Tests, he received a special scholarship through out his carrier at school up to the Tenth Standard. When he was in the Ninth Standard, he was selected as the School Pupil Leader and retained the same position for two years. He started the Literary Association and won the applause of his teachers and his fellow students for his marvelous speeches. Everyone held him in high esteem for his remarkable ability in speaking. He adopted a different method of approach in answering the questions given in the examination. Based on the points given about a particular topic in the text, he wrote down his own opinions on the subject while answering the examination papers. He was in the habit of cross-questioning his teachers so much so that whenever the teachers happened to see him, they were held in a grip of fear. Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi stood first throughout his academic course at school.


On successful completion of his education at school in March 1984 with outstanding marks, Maharishi took up a course in technology, and got admitted on fifteenth day of August 1984 in a college named "Adhiparashakthi Polytechnic" attached to the famous peedam of the Aadhiparaashakthi, Melmaruvaththur. The Aadhiparashakthi Siththar Peedham provided a sumptuous feast for satisfying the Maharishi's Divine hunger, during his stay in the hostel for doing his studies. During his stay in the hostel, Maharishi was in the habit of going to the temple every morning and evening worship the Deity namely-"Aadhiparaashakthi" and get the blessings of His Holiness "Bangaaru Adigalaar". Thus, Maharishi spent his best days when he was doing his studies there. During his dreams and in his conscious state of mind he received the Divine Blessings of Mother Aadhiparaashakthi and received the seeds of spirituality, which would enable him to grow into a great man, who would achieve great things in the spiritual world. In April 1987, he got a First class in the Diploma in Civil Engineering. Often Maharishi used to think over and rejoice about his act of placing his Diploma Certificate at the Holy feet of 'Bangaaru Adigalaar', fall on his knees in order to receive the Diploma from the hands of His Holiness.


During the period from 1987-1990, he had been to many temples to enrich his spiritual knowledge. At times he undertook many jobs, which required engineering skill, and earned his livelihood. He enriched his spiritual knowledge by reading books written by Siththas and books on Literature. The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar" appeared to him many times in his dreams. So the 'Maharishi' identified him as his spiritual Preceptor (Guru) and mastered his Holy texts. Being the eldest son of the family, it was his prime duty to educate his 3 younger brothers and uplift them to fulfill his duties to his family. So, he got employed as a Site Engineer in a reputed concern at Chennai to discharge his duties to the family. By virtue of his hard work in the field of Engineering, he was considered as the Best Engineer who was capable of laying the best roads and was appreciated by the public for his special skill and devotion to his work. During his carrier as an Engineer, he came into contact with many Government Engineers and was taken by surprise and filled with grief when he came to know of the injustice going on in the world. With such a state of affairs on one side, the Divine Crop grew day by day and the abundant growth of spirituality could be felt in him. Finally, Maharishi who adhered to justice resigned his post as an Engineer in 1992.


The Maharishi who realized the importance and merits of married life got married to a distant uncle's daughter named 'Revethi'. With the Blessings of God and his Guru (Preceptor) Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi got married to Revethi on Monday, the twenty second day of the Tamil month of 'Aaani' in the year 'Aangirasa'. He got married to her at a moment, which predicts all good fortune i.e. the moment when the Star Uththiram, Moon sign of Virgo (kanni raasi) and the Pisces ascendant (Meena lagna) come together. According to the English calendar, they got married on sixth July 1992. The marriage was held with great pomp and show at 'Kanchipuram'.

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi With his consort Sre Revathi

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi's wife Revethi, incarnated as the fourth daughter in the birth place of the Maharishi namely Sothiyambakkam to the couple 'Ganesa gavundar 'and 'Panjalaiammal' as an incarnation of God. Revethi was born on an auspicious day in the year called 'Brahmmadeesa' on Saturday, the thirtieth day in the Tamil month of 'Aavani'. According to the Indian standard time she was born at 7:50 a.m. under the influence of the Star 'Revathi' in the Moon sign of Pisces (Meenam raasi). Her ascendant is Virgo (kanni lagna). The moment of her birth predicts all good fortunes.

According to the English calendar, she was born on fifteenth September 1973, at 7:50 a.m. in the morning.

The Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi-Revethi couple was blessed with 3 daughters as fruits of their happy married life. The first child was named 'Dhanalakhshmi', the second was named 'Gurulakhshmi', and the third was named 'Yoghalakhshmi'. They are growing up as virtuous, loving and pious children.

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi's Daughters


Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi reading nadi leaves

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi had the good fortune of going to 'Kollimalai' (a hill from south of Tamilnadu) which is under the Over Lordship of 'Sre Gorakkar', the disciple of 'Sre Kagabujandar'(Sre Kakabusundi). Had it not been for the Blessings endowed on Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi by 'The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar"and his disciple Sre Gorakkar, he would not have got the unique opportunity to go to Kollimalai At Kollimalai Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi worshipped 'Arappalleeswarar' and his consort 'Arampaadiamman'. Having worshipped the God and the Goddess, he went to take rest in a place opposite to the temple. When the Maharishi fell asleep, he had a dream. In the Maharishi's dream Sre Gorakkar appeared before him and told him that there was a place called 'Gorakkar Kundam' a part of Kollimalai where he would find the Divine secrets written on palm leaves. He also told Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi that Sre Gorakkar was willing to offer him bundles of palm leaves, which contains Divine secrets. Obeying the holy command of his Preceptor (Guru) Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi left for Gorakkar Kundam. At Gorakkar Kundam he found the palm leaves bearing the Holy secrets.

After completing his Divine Mission Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi returned home. At home, Maharishi dreamt holy dreams for seven consecutive days. The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar" (Sre Kakabusundi)appeared before him in his dreams and gave him the necessary teachings on how the secrets written on palm leaves ought to be read.

On the occasion of Thiruvathirai (Arudhra) which falls in the month of Margali on an Arudhra full moon day, The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar" (Sre Kakabusundi)reappeared before him and Blessed him with the seven kinds of Gnana Deekshai's (Divine Teachings). From January 1993, onwards Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi began his Divine Mission of giving explanations regarding Nadi predictions according to Nadi Astrology to the world. People developed a fondness for Sre Kagabujandar's(Sre Kakabusundi's) Nadi Astrology. Complying with the desire of people Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi set up a Nadi Astrological Research Centre at Kanchipuram in 1994 and engaged himself in rendering spiritual services to the people.

South Indians, North Indians and foreigners flocked to Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi with great eagerness to hear the predictions handed over to Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi from his sacred lips. The predictions given by the Maharishi helped to minimize the miseries of the people who came to him and people found happiness in life. He engaged himself in the divine service of giving predictions at his Astrological Research Centre at Kanchipuram while his residence was at Sothiyambakkam, and his fame grew day by day. According to the Blessings bestowed on Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi, by The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar"("Sre Kakabusundi")in his dream, Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi received a huge some of money from the Government as prize. The Blessings of his Preceptor (Guru) enabled him to raise the standard of living. Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi then left his native village of Sothiyambakkam and moved to his newly constructed house at Kanchipuram with his wife and children. He then shifted the office of the 'Sre Kagabujandar Nadi Astrological Research Centre' to his new residence at 77-Arignar Anna Street in Kachchabeswarar Nagar at Pillayarpalayam, Kanchipuram, 631501.


Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi who discovered a treatise named the "Sre Kagabujandar (Sre Kakabusundi)Manai Latchanamirtham-7000" from one of the palm leaves, came to understand that only a part of the Science of Vastu Sastra lives in the present world. The Divine Science of Architecture (Vastu Sastra) is considered to be one of the famous divine arts of the Siththas. For the benefit of the people Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi spent money from his own pocket in order to give complete explanations on the Divine Science of Architecture (Vastu Sastra) through Television network for a period of six weeks. People appreciated him for his ability and the generosity of the Maharishi for rendering free service through the Television Network.

Apart from this, Maharishi who continues to render Divine service to the public (by giving Nadi Astrological predictions) has undertaken the task of listing important secrets contained in the treatise - "Sre Kagabujandar (Sre Kakabusundi)Manai Latchanamirtham-7000" found in the palm leaves giving explanations (demonstrated with the help of diagrams) of one thousand poems, grouping them under the title "Sre Kagabujandar (Sre Kakabusundi)Siththar Vastu Sasthiram-volume 1, and by publishing the treatise in Tamil. The book written by the Maharishi earned the good will of the people and thousands of copies of the book were sold.


Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi in front of Computer

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi wanted men to understand the great truth given by the Nadi Astrology. It was his desire that people should come to know the predictions given by Nadi Astrology to wipe out miseries from their lives and live a happy and peaceful life. So on 3 rd, November 1998, he hosted his own website known as http://www.kagabujandar.org Through his web, the Maharishi renders free service on the chapter 'prasanna pirachchanai ghandham' .He also gives paid predictions on the eighteen chapters (Ghandhams) and a special chapter on prasanna pirachchanai ghandham and lives in great fame. In answer to the call of the Malaysians, Maharishi travelled to Malaysia in the year 2000, stayed there for a month, rendered service by giving predictions according to the Nadi Astrology, blessed the people of the country and returned to his Motherland-India.


Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi had a profound interest for the ancient arts. He excelled in the art known as 'kattaikuttu' (kattaikooththu), which is regarded as one of the ancient arts. The men in the maternal grandfather's family (of the Maharishi) were skilful in displaying the art of 'kattaikuttu'. Maharishi who himself, was deeply interested in the art took up the roles of Krishna, Karna and Arjuna respectively and enacted in scenes from the 'Mahabharatha'. His performance was presented before the audience in the form of 'kattaikuttu'. He took up the character of 'Arjuna' in the drama "The State of Arjuna's Penance".

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi's role of Sre Kagabujandar

The scene depicting Arjuna doing his penance was presented before an invited audience and earned him fame. It gave him immense pleasure to think that could enact the scene to the entire satisfaction of the public. Maharishi continued in his venture to stage dramas about 'Harichandra' in many villages to enforce the principles of truth and justice and this motivates people lead an ideal life. Thus Maharishi has paved the way for people to uphold truth and justice in order to make their lives sublime.

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi's role of King Arjuna doing penance and climbing over the Thabas tree Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi's role of King Arjuna doing penance Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi's role of King Arjuna doing penance with seated over the top of the Thabas tree with praying Lord Shiva


Service was the very air that Maharishi breathed. In 1998, Maharishi became a member of an International service institution called 'The Lions Club' and played an active part by rendering social service through the Lions Club. He held many posts in the 'Lions Club of Kanchipuram Pallavan City', a club that is one of the best Lions club. Adhering to the command of his Preceptor(Guru) and in accordance with his good intention of rendering charitable services, Maharishi founded "Sre Kagabujandar Charitable Foundation", and became the Managing Trustee of the Trust. Through the trust, he collected funds with which he constructed Thirty Temples for 'Harichandra'(Sre Harishchandra) so far and has performed the purifying ceremony (Kumbabishekham) in the temples.

Sre Harichandra Temple
Side View of Sre Harichandra Temple

Apart from this, he has to his credit many Siva temples which were constructed by him Purifying ceremonies were done in for the temples. Adhering to the request of the pilgrims, he gave away clothes, cows and food to the poor in charity. In accordance with the 'Sre Kagabujandar (Sre Kakabusundi) Siva Agama Sastra' (Science of temple Architecture and Sculpture) written on palm leaves, Maharishi who was deeply interested in rendering service through ( please delete the words within the brackets - (Siva temples has planned to) construction of Siva temples in a unique manner and thereby give better benefits to pilgrims who come for worship.

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi Performing Komaatha Pooja

Adhering to the holy command of his Preceptor Sre Kagabujandar (Sre Kakabusundi) in one of his dreams, at first he laid the foundation stone for the construction of "Sre Kagabujandar Guru Temple and Performed Kumbabishekham Ceremony on 12th June 2003 at 'Sothiyambakkam' where the Maharishi was born, brought up and prospered in life. He was already spent considerable sum of money for the temple with the best Architectural skill found nowhere else in the world. Guriji’s goal is that the temple should rank first with respect to Architecture, it should be provided with all the parts dealt with in the treatise "Siththar Siva Agama Sastra" and "Siththar Manai Latchanamirtham".He has started the Further Construction work now and the work is going on now.Donors are heartly welcome.

If people come forward and donate generously for the noble cause to the "Sre Kagabujandar Shiva Seva Trust", the remaining construction work of the temple would be completed very soon and it is certain that people would witness the Second and great purifying ceremony within a very short span of time. Maharishi also desires to reconstruct dismantled Siva temples, which have been constructed only with a part of the 'Siva Agama Sastra'. He is keenly interested in constructing them with the spiritual grace said to belong to that particular sacred place. Moreover employing a different kind of Architectural skill in designing the construction should bring out the spiritual importance and history attached to the place. In addition to this, the Maharishi is working with a will to create a record in 'Siva Agama Sastra'. It is the Maharishi's desire that people should make use of the services that Maharishi is always ready to render, by approaching him for getting explanations regarding 'Siddhar Siva Agama Sastra'.

Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi with his consort Revathi in Prayer room

Moreover he wants to construct temples according to the code of laws laid down by the 'Siva Agama Sastra' in order to enable (the) people in the world to get the desired results and turn their lives into gardens of happiness. Maharishi has a great desire to publish more spiritual books.


According to the information written on the palm leaf, this is the four hundred and seventieth Birth of the Maharishi namely- Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi. The great truth that in the age-Namely the 'Duvaphara Yuga' he took the incarnation of 'Karna' and received the direct advice of The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar" (Sre Kakabusundi)is sweet news. The moles, scars and other identification marks that were present in Karna's body as specified in the 'Mahabharatha' continue to be present in this birth too. This is a great truth.

Another valuable information contained in the Sre Kagabujandar's (Sre Kakabusundi's)palm leaf was that he rendered countless services by constructing thousands of temples from his four hundred and fiftieth birth till his past birth namely- his four hundred and sixty-ninth birth. It is mentioned that he possessed a sound knowledge of 'Siva Agama Sastra', he had been a linguist and by virtue of his profound knowledge in other languages, he was able to give sound advice to the masses in his past births. In his four hundred and fifty-fourth birth, the Maharishi was born in Japan and had constructed many Buddhist temples there. In order to make sure (To ascertain,) that is no break in the continuity of good deeds done (as in the past births,) Maharishi is going to construct one of the best Buddhist temple in this four hundred and seventieth birth as per the information given about him in the palm leaves.

With the blessings of the Preceptor, Sre Bhaaskharamaharishi who sits under the shade of the 'Karpagavirutcham' (a celestial tree that offers what a person wishes for) namely Sre Kagabujandar(Sre Kakabusundi), has incarnated as one of the Preceptors (Gurus) in this Kaliyugha period to enforce justice. This is a great truth

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